nut sensitivity/intolerance?

so i may not be trying that vegan cashew cheese again after all…

i mention in my last entry that i have been further restricting what i eat while i try to figure out the cause of the latest discomforts, but i don’t mention what i cut out:

-first i cut out oatmeal/oats after making, twice, Smitten Kitchen’s raspberry breakfast bars, and having digestive issues digesting them both times. i settled on oats as the potential culprit, because i do still eat raspberries, flour, lemon, cinnamon and the other ingredients in other recipes and am fine. i have been meaning to do an oatmeal test to be sure (as in, eat a bowl of oatmeal warm cereal), but first i was waiting for the constant issues to settle down. and, well, i *am* a bit afraid of what the aftermath could be…

-i had been cutting back on whole wheat breads & whole grains breads, as i start to test things from the low in FODMAPS diet, as the sugar in wheat/grains can lead to digestive issues. i will have to retry whole wheat again and see what happens.

-before i continue, i’d like to state that i *have* been tested, twice, for gluten intolerance (most recently this last may), and the results show i am not even close to being gluten sensitive (whew!).

-i have been eating mostly steamed veggies (safe ones for me), rice, and oven baked chicken or fish (with nothing on it), as safe food.

-so then the cashew cheese episode brought on headaches, cramps, bloating, major discomfort in my belly and other unpleasantness. i cut out nuts, and seed butter, which i have been eating more often for the past 2 years as snacks or pre-gym food, as i know they can be irritating (for example, for people with diverticulitis). i kept eating my almond milk and some crackers made partly with chestnut flour, my logic being that the « crunchy/irritatingness » part of the nuts had already been transformed. after realizing monday that i got headachy/belly discomfort some time after my bowl of cereal, i thought i should cut out almond milk and see what happened.

well, lo and behold: i have been fully nut-free for 36-48h now, and my belly has been feeling fine (finally!) for about 24h now. had cereal with lactose-free cow’s milk yesterday and today. no problems.

i will give myself a week or 2 and try eating a moderate amount of nuts again, see what happens. i hope i can continue to eat nuts: i’d be really sad to have to cut them out of my diet. but i’ll do what i have to do do digest well and have a happy belly.

i’ve done some googling already (« nuts digestive problems »), will do some more. i have already found some interesting readings: (she has a recipe to soak & dry nuts, making them easier to digest, which i will definitely try!)

Are Nuts And Seeds Healthy?

(i still want to check their claims against other references, but the info seems legit at first glance.)

seems like issues digesting nuts are a common thing!

i’m seeing my doc again in 2 weeks, i’ll ask her for a referal to a nutritionist. i’m ok at googling and figuring things out on my own, but i’m certain i’d benefit from an actual expert on the subject (i assume figuring things out would go faster that way!).

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