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there’s a newsletter i get at work, called the Scout Report. it’s mostly about sharing cool/interesting internet resources, either as research tools, or to help productivity, etc. sometimes, something about food pops up in their newsletter :) i have 2 to share with you today:

On state fair food
Deep fried Mars bars? Oh no, state fairs must try harder than that.

State Fair Vendors Innovate to Survive

The Hunger Games: State Fair Food Gets More Outrageous

The Minnesota State Fair: Origins and Traditions

Iowa Digital Library: Iowa State Fair

A Brief History of State Fairs

State Fair Recipes

Once upon a time, the culinary fare at state fairs was somewhat predictable. You could count on some pies, BBQ, watermelon, and a range of meat-based entrees that would impress any given carnivore. Today, state fair food vendors must be innovative each and every season as they quest for the next big foodstuff offering. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the competition is intense, adding that a number of new innovations have been unveiled as of late. Their correspondents noted that the Ohio State Fair had giant deep-fried gummy bears and the folks in Wisconsin have rolled out deep-fried taco cheesecake. It’s tough going for small vendors; Pat Mancini, a food vendor at the Minnesota State Fair, noted « Is it a guessing game? Yeah. A lot of things are on a stick or deep fried. I don’t have either. » In other news, the Journal also remarked that the Minnesota State Fair will have wine-glazed deep-fried meatloaf for offer during their run. At the time of this writing, it could not be confirmed if said wine was red or white. [KMG]

The first link will take interested parties to a nice piece from this Monday’s Wall Street Journal about this escalating culinary arms race at said state fairs. The second link will take users to a piece from The Atlantic’s online blog, The Wire. Visitors will find a number of outstanding photographs of some of these new culinary treats mentioned above. Moving along, the third link will take visitors to a great piece by Kathyrn Goetz, writing for the MinnPost, about the traditions and heritage of the Minnesota State Fair. The fourth link will take visitors to the fabulous pinterest board created by the University of Iowa Libraries to celebrate the traditions of their state fair. The fifth link will whisk users away to a beautiful photo essay from Time documenting traditions new and old. The final link will lead visitors to a veritable cornucopia of recipes culled from state fairs all across this land.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2013.

World Food Clock

How much food is being consumed around the world right now? It’s a vast question that can be answered by the World Food Clock. This interesting website draws on information provided by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and presents a streaming set of data on global food consumption, global food waste, and other informative topics. It’s visually arresting and users can scroll down to look through different « clocks » that track statistics such as the land used to grow wasted food and the stages of food waste, which include production, processing, and consumption. This is a wonderful tool for folks with an interest in food security, environmental studies, public health, and international relations. It could also be used in any number of design courses to illustrate a range of techniques and visualization strategies.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2014.

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