brunost – brown cheese – Norway

so i’ve been taking Norwegian classes for a few weeks now. (why? because i can! that’s why :) ) my teacher is part of the Norwegian club in Montreal. they organize activities throughout the year. one of them being: special importing Norwegian foods you can’t find here before the Xmas holidays. i didn’t buy anything this year (she sent me a list, and i just didn’t know where to start – so many options!), but next time, i know there’s something i definitely want to buy: brunost (brown cheese). the one she got is actually geitost, made from goat milk (yay, i can eat it!).

she had some for us to taste when we started classes again 2 weeks ago, and again tonight! so i took the opportunity to take photos for you :)

 photo 2015-02-02190937_zps7ec96c33.jpg
the cheese is sold in bricks.

 photo 2015-02-02190917_zpsa9e1fbc2.jpg
the company that produces it makes a special cover for their cheese, to really be able to seal in your cheese once the top of the package has been opened. the text reads « tine’s brown cheese is one of the things that makes Norwegians Norwegians ».

 photo 2015-02-02190835_zps29f78d29.jpg
some sliced & folded brown cheese.

the taste is particular. very tangy (you can taste the goat, as i like to say), but also kinda sweet. the cheese brick is rather hard, but once thinly sliced, it melts in your mouth. i like it a lot! but i can tell not every one would like the taste. it’s rather strong.

if you have the chance to taste it, give it a try! myself, i can’t wait to have a whole brick (or two) to call my own ;)

some more infos on Wikipedia

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