NYC: Momofuku Milk Bar

after reading the Momofuku Milk Bar recipe book this summer, of course this place was on my list! i even realized once in NYC that there was one on the upper west side, near central park and my hostel, so this is the one i went to (561 columbus avenue, corner west 87th street. open everyday from 9am to 11pm). i bought 30$ worth of sweets (though don’t worry, i didn’t eat them all at once ;) ). i took all the pics in central park, while i tasted some of these sweets.

some photos & my appreciation behind the cut:

 photo IMG_7464_zpsde0c323c.jpg
-bagel bomb (3.50$): not as good as i expected, partly because of the dough (not quite bagel-y to me), partly because of the filling (not enough bacon?).

 photo IMG_7470_zps8dbef774.jpg
-black sesame concord bread (3.50$): a very nice surprise. still fresh, tasty & moist 3 days after purchase (in well sealed aluminium). interesting taste combination.

 photo IMG_7466_zps4860da08.jpg
-slice of crack pie (5.25$): very good. like a lighter version of a sugar pie.

 photo IMG_7467_zps028d4cd3.jpg
-slice of grasshopper pie (5.25$): very chocolatey with some mint. alright, but not my favorite.

cookies (6 for 10$)
 photo IMG_7468_zps07025d30.jpg

clockwise from yellow cookie:
-corn cookie: tasted bitterer than mine, maybe because of the kind of corn used? still very good. bigger, moister than mine too.
-cornflake marshmallow: tasted good, good texture, however i thought it was way too sweet. (all that sugar burned at the back of my throat.) can’t say i really tasted the cornflake or the marshmallow.
-confetti cookie: good, tasted like confetti cake! found it too sweet too.
-blueberries & cream cookie: found it too sweet, too moist (undercooked?), too dense/heavy. i thought it would be a lighter kind of cookie, with the name « blueberries and cream » (it sounds like a cookie cloud!).
-compost cookie: my favorite. slight tastes of chocolate, coffee, caramel. good texture. not too sweet, not too heavy.

i find the cookies too big though. better share or eat only half of one in one sitting ;)

Momofuku Milk Bar
5 locations in NYC

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