24h in Toronto

i spent 24h in Toronto last weekend and while i was there, i met up with some friends and tried some restaurants! pics and brief review below the cut:

dinner @ L’ouvrier
apparently a new restaurant (opened about a month ago my friend was telling me). very nice space, with lots of room between tables, and an interesting menu.

i started off with a drink: an aperol spritz, 9$. not as sweet a drink as i’m used to, which was a nice change. i liked it!

 photo 2013-10-26211317_zpsdc36d8e8.jpg
i tried one of their salads as an appetizer: daikon slaw with jicama, cashews, sesame seeds, scallion, carrot, coriander and a soy-chili dressing, 10$. interesting tastes, a bit spicy, the dressing made it somewhat creamy. very enjoyable.

 photo 2013-10-26214329_zpsce27cd7f.jpg
for my main course, i took the first thing that caught my eye on the menu (it sounded so good, and it was!): panko crusted pig cheek with cheddar grits, smoked ham hock jus, kale, pickled radish and fried shallot, 23$. the meat was cooked to perfection, very tender, the cheddar grits had a nice deep flavor to them and the veggies complemented the dish very well.

w/taxes & tip = 50$. the service was good. i’d recommend making a reservation; the place was pretty full when we went on a Saturday evening.

791 Dundas Street West

i had asked friends to recommend good dim sum joints in Toronto. I got several suggestions. after checking their websites, chowhound and tripadvisor reviews, i settled on Rol San and went there for breakfast sunday morning. i got there around 9:30, and by the time i left around 10:30, the place was getting pretty full!

i ordered 4 dim sums:

 photo 2013-10-27095034_zps59165cf2.jpg
steamed shrimp

 photo 2013-10-27095056_zps3e164916.jpg
fried taro beef

 photo 2013-10-27100056_zps3f097a41.jpg
steamed bbq pork buns

 photo 2013-10-27100549_zps13f21c5c.jpg
fried pancakes (made with rice flour? they were very sticky, i found that interesting).

i found all 4 quite good. the service was quick. i’d recommend as well!

18$ w/tax & tip.

Rol San
323 Spadina Avenue

i stocked up on snacks for the road at the chinese bakery, a friend’s recommendation.

 photo 2013-10-27133801_zps011f6bf1.jpg

i took a fried sweet potato bun, a non fried sweet potato bun, a pineapple-coconut bun, a sweet hotdog bun, and a sticky rice peanut butter cake. all this for 1.80$! i had some on the bus back home, and some for breakfast the next day. i liked everything, especially the sweet potato stuff. i’ll have to check if the chinese bakeries in Montreal serve something similar.

Chinese Bakery
433 Dundas West

and before heading to the bus station, i had a light lunch with a friend at Urban Herbivore, a vegan restaurant in the market: their soup of the day was sweet potato and coconut milk (4$), served with delicious crispy bread croutons. i also took one of their cupcakes to go, an apple crisp cupcake (3.10$). (no pics, unfortunately.) the soup was quite good. i had the cupcake once i got home, the next day, found it nicely spiced and moist. it tasted just like an apple crisp!

Urban Herbivore
64 Oxford Street

quite a fun (and tasty!) 24h! i was thinking next time, i should stay longer :)

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