toronto, queen mother cafe

i went to toronto last month, a round-trip to see an opera and meet with a friend. (the round-trip in 1 day turned out not to be a good idea: i couldn’t sleep on the night bus back to montreal.)

we met at the queen mother cafe, which she had recommended. she had read good reviews about it & wanted to try it out. according to their website, they serve « lao-thai & pan-global cuisine, and sinful desserts ». their menu was mouth-watering, and so i agreed to try it our too!

 photo 2013-05-25204249-2_zps9903b2c0.jpg

we shared the vegetarian nam dip (8.95$), which were served with a spicy peanut sauce. very good.

 photo 2013-05-25204300_zps5da9c76c.jpg

and because i saw it on the menu, i had to try their sticky rice with peanut sauce (sticky rice, my love!) (5.95$). the rice was very fragrant, and served in a cute steamer basket, with the bowl of sauce on top. the peanut sauce was good, it went very well with the rice.

by then, i was already quite full, but i still had a main course to eat: i had ordered the quinoa salad (i took a picture, but there was not enough lighting to do it justice, so no picture :( ).

the dressing for the salad was lovely. the mix of the quinoa with the fresh greens, goat cheese & sundried tomatoes was amazing! i really have to make this at home, perhaps with some added pecans.

i was tempted but had no room left to try one of their desserts.

the service was good, friendly. the place was packed, it’s clearly a well-loved location. the decor is, well, pictures of the queen mother everywhere, and some very nice lanterns.

overall my share came to 38$ (with taxes & tip, including 1 glass of wine). a good price for a good meal.

Queen Mother Cafe
208 Queen Street West
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2 commentaires pour toronto, queen mother cafe

  1. Aim Pé dit :

    voici mes approximations pour faire la salade:
    quelques bonnes poignées de salade mesclun
    1/2 tasse de quinoa, cuit
    une 12aine de tomates cerises, coupées en 2
    1/3 de concombre anglais, en dés
    1/2 avocat, en dés
    1/2 conserve de pois chiches
    7-8 tomates séchées dans l’huile, coupées en lanières
    des noix, au goût (de pin, grenoble)
    du fromage de chèvre émietté
    vinaigrette: un peu d’huile d’olive et de jus de citron

  2. Aim Pé dit :

    autre variation:
    fromage halloumi grillé
    graines de tournesol, citrouille, canneberges séchées

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