anthony bourdain: guts & glory

tonight i went to hear anthony bourdain interview fred morin and dave mcmillan from joe beef at the place des arts, as a part of his « guts & glory » tour.

there was a Q&A with fred & dave for a while, and they each gave their opinions on food/cooking: is it OK to cook with endangered species (no, but they make exceptions)? what about local food (joe beef uses mostly products from quebec)? organic food (not necessarily)? hipsters (all 3 seemed to dislike hipsters)? food bloggers who take pictures of their food (bourdain’s take on it is that they want to make people at home, sitting in their stained shorts eating cheetos feel bad :p)?

then they opened the floor to questions from the public, many of them were interesting: what would you do if you could no longer smell/taste/be a cook (have lots of sex, because what else could they do?)? what is the importance of street food (very important)? has traveling and eating around the world influenced his cooking (no, because spending weeks/months/years is often not enough to fully understand how to make the food right)? which quebec chefs do we not hear enough about (there was lots of praise about martin picard & his cabane, which, according to all 3, should get a lot more recognition)?

a very interesting evening, with several good/funny moments. hearing these guys, it makes me feel as though i’m not qualified to be talking about food… but i’ll keep reading and tasting and learning. i always say i’d love to be a lifelong student. well, i guess food is my field of studies ;)

i haven’t read any of his books yet, but i surely will. i’ll have to watch more of his shows as well (so far, i saw the no reservations in iceland, sweden and montreal).

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