roadtrip to plattsburg to eat the best michigan hot dogs!!

i went to the movies with a friend last week. we talked about our upcoming plans. she said she was headed to plattsburg with some friends to eat michigan hot dogs may 21st. i said: »really? a roadtrip specificaly to eat hot dogs? » and she replied: »they’re that good. » she asked if i had plans for that day, and since i didn’t, they invited me to join them!

and boy, were those hot dogs goooooood.

the shack. sinking into the ground for the last 70 years or so.

don’t feed the birds!

our order: 7 michigan hot dogs, 3 sweet potato fries, drinks. not pictured: 1 plain fries and the second michigan i ordered after i had my first one and decided i really liked it :D

the sweet potato fries: super thin, crispy, and delicious.

our michigans

my meal. i didn’t know if ketchup would make it better or not, so i tried it on half. the jury is still out.


i really liked the hot dog. the michigan/chili-meat sauce was amazing, just spicy enough, nice texture. so good.

our remains

it was all very yummy!

in conclusion: clare & carl’s is worth driving to specificaly for the hot dogs & sweet potato fries. do it!

clare & carl’s hot dog stand
4727 state route 9
plattsburg, NY
on yelp
on urbanspoon
a small article on a register of very special places
a review froma fellow traveler
a regional news item on the place
and in la presse, the biggest french speaking newspaper in north america.

they have another location right next to the lake: 2 dock street, plattsburg NY. it opens later in the season.

we stopped at the gas station before hitting the road again.

yes, i took a picture of some milk. 1hour and a border away from montreal, 1L of lactose free milk costs 1.49$US (which, with the current exchange rate, is about 1.55$CA). here? 2.69$CA. what a rip-off. seriously.

i got some mentos (the freshmaker!) gum, and a crispy king size reese bar.

we did some shopping, then we stopped at target on our way back home. it was my first time there. i was happy to find some products we don’t have here:

pictured: sea salt caramel hot chocolate, coconut soda, and maple almond butter. the poppy seeds and cardamom (8.50$US for the bottle, which is a pretty good price) i took mostly because i liked the bottle they came in :)

i can’t wait to try that sea salt caramel hot chocolate. and the maple almond butter. omg.

i also discovered annie’s bunny brand of organic products!
yes, i took 2 kinds of mac & cheese despite the lactose intolerance. (in one of the packages, the pasta is shaped like bunnies!)

and the crackers are bunny-shaped too!

after that, we spent about 2+ hours waiting to pass through customs (with about 115 cars ahead of us). but we were very happy about our day!

when are we going again?

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2 commentaires pour roadtrip to plattsburg to eat the best michigan hot dogs!!

  1. the shells & white cheddar mac & cheese was very good. i hope i can get my hands on some more soon :)

    the maple almond butter was good, very thick. it didn’t taste very maple-y to me.

    i saw there was fructose in the coconut soda once i got home, so i only had a few sips. it was refreshing!

    the sea salt caramel hot chocolate is also very good. i can’t really taste the salted caramel though.

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