president’s choice: recipe to riches

i don’t shop much at the stores carrying the president’s choice brand. it’s not that i don’t want to. it’s that they’re not what’s the closest to my place.

so anyway. i got cable when i moved, mainly so i could watch the food network :D and i started watching the « recipe to riches » show, where, basically, homecooks from accross canada compete to win 7 money prizes, and then one of them gets a bigger money prize. and the winning recipes? get turned into PC products. and, well, some of the winners (and runner ups) looked damned tasty.

so finally, today, i went out of my way to go to the big provigo near-ish my place. i had previously checked 2 other PC carrying stores near my place, to no avail: they did not have the « recipe to riches » products. and today, success! the store had all of the products :D

i took 4: 3 for me, and the « smart gluten-free cookies » for a coworker. for myself, i got the slow cooked pork, the kulfi karma and the rockin’ peach cake.


i like how they made the packaging: it’s colorful (as opposed to their usual white design), it’s vibrant, it’s catchy, it’s, well, designed to sell.

i made myself a sandwich with the slow cooked pork. i liked the sauce: it was tomaty, spicy but not hot, it had good texture. i’m less sold on the pork though. it was good, but i think i would’ve liked longer strands.

i checked the ingredients in the kulfi: not only is there rose water and pistachios, there’s also… cardamom! i’ve been curious about kulfi since last summer, when i borrowed ice cream recipe books and first read about it. the way it’s made, by slow cooking milk until it gets all sweet… it sounds divine. i hope i’ll like it (though i figure, a grocery-store kulfi is probably not as good as a homemade one, but it’s as good a place to start as any).

so, i’ll let you know if these products are as good as they made them sound on tv ;)

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