True Blood

feels weird to write a post about « vampire food » :p but i had to. it was so funny & unusual to see some of the vampires on True Blood recreate a foodie-dinner around blood. very creative; i hope we get to see some more foodie-vampirism ;)

chilled carbonated blood. organic, free-range, willfully donated & cruelty-free. the blood has a citrusy-scent; the donor ate nothing but tangerines for week.

talbot left bill & the king to talk amongst themselves; he excused himself from the table, saying he had to go « drain the second course ». he entered the kitchen and delivered one of the best lines of the episode: »carlo! bring me that thai boy! »

the second course turned out to be a warm blood bisque infused with rose petals

blood gelato. looks like raspberry sorbet; i want some :D

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