sticky rice

i had dinner at a friend’s place last night, he made me a thai dish he loves to make/eat.

it’s a kind of stew, made with some oil, green cury, 1/2cup broth, onions? (1/2 big one), red & green peppers (half of each, diced), bamboo sprouts, coconut milk (1/2-1 can), tofu, diced (1/2 block), shitake mushrooms (dried, soaked in warm water), some kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass. to eat with, he makes sticky/glutinous rice. omg, so delicious and fun to eat! it was kind of hot/spicy, but not too much.

he makes it in a large bamboo « cone » that he puts on top of a pot of boiling water, so the rice inside the bamboo cone is steamed, and takes in some of the bamboo flavor, it tastes amazing! to eat it, you take little amounts with your hand, roll it into a ball, then flatten it a bit to make a little pocket, and you can then use it to grab food & sauce off your plate (he called it a pacman :p). he says that’s how many thai people eat, with the little rice ball as utensils. and it’s a fun way to eat!

so it’s covered sticky rice in a bamboo cone over a pot of boiling water (the cone musn’t touch the water). now i want a bamboo cone & bamboo rice serving plate, even though i currently have no place to put it in my kitchen :p later. don’t remember which brand of rice he used, but there was a rose on the packaging.

gotta ask for the recipe :D

green curry paste recipes:

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