best. tea. ever.

influenced by mohinder (from the tv show heroes) and a few other mentions & recipes including it, i bought chai tea today. specifically, black spiced chai tea, the stash brand. i read up on it a bit, and tried it in the « traditional » way that was mentionned on wiki: tea, simmer in boiling water & 1/4 part milk, add sugar to intensify the spices. so i did that instead of just simmering it in hot water like it said on the package. the smell of it was warm & spicy, and the taste! soft, with a slight spicy aftertaste, and kinda creamy, because of the milk i guess. simply amazing.

my only apprehension now: it’s black tea. i have ibs. i’ve had cramps after consuming black tea in the past. i so don’t want that to happen with this tea!!!

next up on my to-try list: matcha powder, specifically for icings & cheesecakes. if you have a good & not too expensive brand to recommend, i’d be glad to hear it :)

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